The Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries (CALM) is a non-denominational non-profit Christian organization whose vision is to be of service to the Body of Christ in these end times. Simply put, the vision of the Ministry is to arouse the Body of Christ to the challenges and opportunities of these end times. We seek to encourage children of God not to give up to the wiles of the devil, who as the Scriptures say, is on the rampage these days, knowing that he has but a short time (Rev 12). Simultaneously, we seek to encourage Christians to have and maintain a Kingdom perspective whereby sensitive issues, many of eternal consequences, will be seen and addressed from Kingdom rather than denominational perspectives. 

The vision for this work was received at the God's End Time Army Conference 1997, organized by the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, at Ibadan. After an initial 7-month period of testing the vision, the ministry commenced operations in October 1997. In the past three years, the Lord has been confirming in many ways that He indeed has committed unto us a tangible ministry. Having now recognized this, we are determined to spare no effort in seeking to fulfill this ministry, despite vigorous opposition by the devil. We believe that today's formal spiritual commissioning by divinely ordained members of the Body of Christ will go a long way in helping us to achieve this objective.



The founding principle and central motivating conviction for CALM is that the literal visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent; and that the priority business of the hour is building the Church and making Her ready for this great coming event. One way of contributing to this priority business is by making available and presenting appropriately information that would provoke men and women to Christian responses with respect to events unfolding in their environment. Satan's only hope of being able to stand up against the Church is by confusing issues and discouraging Christians; and thereafter creeping in and catching the Saints unawares. Thank God for the ministry of watchmen, in which we feel the Lord calling us to partake.


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